A term coined from a combination of the first name of artist Lan Nguyen-hoan (pronounced Lahn Nwin-hwaahn) and the word 'animation'. Lanimation is a website dedicated to presenting information about the artist and her work through words and images - both still and moving. Work can be viewed via the PROJECT GALLERY.


News et cetera

April 2014

It has been over a year since I started my PhD at the ANU School of Art. Early in 2014 I set up my garage workshop and home office/studio so I can work in my pyjamas! My workshop is dedicated to my metalsmithing practice, which mostly involves hammering at the moment (hence the hammer and anvil on the right). My office/studio space is reserved for writing, drawing, model making, reading and theoretical research.

At the moment I share my workshop with Nature Park, a new clothing label that also provides screen printing for others. Some of Nature Park's t-shirt designs have been done by me - including the main logo!




















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